Biometric Time & Attendance System will increase the accuracy of payroll in each and every pay period.

When attendance used to be kept using paperwork it would take hours to go over every single employee’s time sheet, and then enter it into the computer system to print checks.

With biometric attendance systems, companies can cut the amount of time spent on payroll each period. The system dramatically reduces the time it takes to put a 100% accurate report: around 20 minutes or so.

Advantages of using Biometric Time & Attendance Systems

  • Reduces time and attendance fraud
  • Identity Verification
  • Feel Secure
  • Fingerprints
  • RF Cards
  • Password Access
  • Face

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We offer Biometrics Fingerprint Time and Attendance solution throughout Sultanate of Oman including Muscat, Sohar, Duqum, Salalah, etc.

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More about Time & Attendance Systems:

Online time & attendance software solution in Oman

Some businesses need a simple time and attendance system that doesn’t require much maintenance. Many small businesses do not have the resources to hire an IT staff full-time to handle all their software needs. They need a time-saving solution that they can install and manage on their own.

BioTaag online attendance software is a cloud-based and requires no additional software to install. It can be accessed online from any location. It is also possible to connect multiple branches/locations to the same system so that from your head office managers they can generate different types of reports according to their need. 

Just need to log-in to client’s private website, and it allows you to manage all aspects of the attendance & reports. The interface of the client online portal is simple and clean. Many businesses might also want shifts options, while some employees might work in the office, others may work remotely or on site. Businesses of any size will appreciate the flexibility to track your time in a variety of ways.

BioTaag online time and attendance solution allows employees to clock in and out of their time from any device, including a device kept in a remote location. BioTaag online time & attendance software can be integrated to different types of device which include biometrics using fingerprint, face, vein or retina scan.

Businesses are looking for a time and attendance system that can handle all tasks. BioTaag online time and attendance solution is a best choice.

If you are considering to install time and attendance system for your business in Sultanate of Oman, please contact us for free demo and quotation.


For employees to track how many hours they work each day, time and attendance systems are essential. Easy-to-use solutions allow employees to clock in and leave, manage their off, and integrate easily with your payroll.

The time and attendance system replaces wall-mounted time clocks, paper sheets and attendance sheets. Employees can clock in and out using these systems easily and accurately. Each attendance system offers configurable timesheet reports you can export into your payroll.

Here’s a list of all the features that time and attendance systems provide:


Many systems allow you to set up rules that govern when employees can clock-in and out. You can even calculate overtime of the employees if configured. For teams working the same hours, some simplify time tracking.


There are plenty of options to choose from a time and attendance device. Some time and attendance systems require that workers input a code or badge, fingerprint, face or even retina scan each time they clock in or check out to prevent buddy punching. This ensures that workers are being paid correctly and that they only pay for the time they work.


Many attendance and time systems have built-in scheduling tools. It is possible to create schedules for employees, including workdays, shifts, and hours. Many include templates for scheduling that you can reuse week to week. Many attendance software allows you to set up your own scheduling rules and swap shifts. You can also round up time and pay for breaks.


Many attendance systems let you log accruals for vacation, sick, and other types paid and unpaid time off, etc. Many platforms allow employees to request time off from within the software. Managers can approve or deny these requests.


Time and attendance systems can alert managers when employees clock in or out. Managers can be notified when employees are about to go to overtime and reminded to clock out.


Many systems can provide reports that detail workers’ hours, wages, schedules and other advanced features like labor costing.


Many attendance systems can be integrated with your payroll service via CSV, or through a software interface. This allows you to save time while running payroll. It ensures that overtime calculations are accurate and that time-off deductions work correctly in your payroll system.


Some systems have a digital dashboard that allows managers to see which employees are logged in and out.