Automatic Boom Barrier System

Boom Barrier System in Muscat

We offer a high-quality Boom Barrier System for security purposes for the entry and exit level of office, corporate houses, private Buildings, parking areas way passage where medium to heavy traffic expected.

A boom barrier, also known as a pedestrian gateway, is simply an upright fence or post that allows pedestrian and vehicular access to a building through a secure point. Most boom barriers rise abruptly to nearly horizontal positions. Boom gates are usually heavily counterbalanced. This increases the chance of tip-overs. Boom barriers must be able to provide safe and reliable access for buildings, residents, and public places.

Boom gates must be built with an externally pivoting hinge. This will prevent the gate tumbling when it is leaning against a surface. A hinge with an internal pivot will prevent the gate from slipping when it is in use. The internal power of the hinges will make it easier to maintain and save money on maintenance.

Boom Barriers are best used in Parking Control

Parking control can also be improved by using the boom barrier. The boom barrier is also useful for parking control in busy areas. Boom barriers are designed to keep hazardous liquids and materials from moving around airport floors or patios. The integration of automated parking control systems within a parking gate system can provide extra protection against theft.

Automated boom barriers offer many benefits beyond their ease-of-use installation. The boom barriers can be configured to drive either single-lane vehicles or double-lane vehicles, depending on the complexity and size of the area. This allows the operator the freedom to decide the speed at which the unit should be driven. This feature is particularly helpful in areas such as airport parking management systems, where speeding is a concern. These same benefits may be available if parking management systems use an automatic traffic signal system.

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We offer a complete Boom Barrier System throughout the Sultanate of Oman including Muscat, Sohar, Duqum, Salalah, etc.