Door Access Control System

Door Access control allows you to electrically limit who has access to your building and or rooms and areas inside the building.

Access control gives authorized people safe and secure access in and out of various elements of your business while keeping unauthorized individuals out. They can vary from electronic keypads that secure one door to giant networked systems for multiple buildings.

Additionally, these access systems greatly simplify the management of your facility. No need to replace lost keys, Search out previous keys from terminated staff, or wonder who has access to those areas.

  • Door Access Control System in Oman:
  • Door Access Controller
  • Electromagnetic Locks
  • Proximity Card
  • Finger Print System

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What are the items involved in the access control?

The access control generally involves the use of magnetic locks, swipe card reader, proximity card reader system, keypads even remote transmitter for entry and exit control and currently the most recent in this is the biometric access control system ranging for fingerprint, retina and even automatic face recognition system.

Example of Non-Biometric Access Control System in Glass Door that we installed

How do I choose my access control system?

To choose an access control system for your premises.
1) First, you must assess what level of security you need.
2) How many people are going to use this system?
3) Do you need to keep a log or print a hard copy on who access the premises and so on?
4) Once the above is established it will be easy for you to decide what system to use.
5) You can consult with our engineers to help you to choose the best access control system for your organization.

Technology Partners & Brands we use for Door Access Control System installation in Oman

We offer complete Access Control System throughout Sultanate of Oman including Muscat, Sohar, Duqum, Salalah, etc.