Which is the best biometric attendance system?

Generally speaking, it’s based on what features the customer needs and where these systems are used.
For example:
Commercial Business – eSSL device and ZKTeco are the best.
Educational institutes – eSSL device and Matrix works great.
Medical/Hospital Institutions – eSSL, Virdi and BioTaag Devices are the best.
Government Organization – Matrix or Suprema Devices works great.
Small Organization (Less than 50 Users) – BioMax, Anviz Devices are good.

How do I view my biometric attendance system reports?

You have two options available:
1) If you are using Online Cloud Software, you can directly go to the link provided and view all the attendance report from there.
2) If you are using offline standalone software, you can do it by going to the PC where the software is installed, and you can take reports from there.

How is biometric fingerprint attendance system used?

Simply put your registered finger on the fingerprint reader of the attendance system. It will automatically recognize you and log your attendance. Based on the device model, you can register up to 10 fingers for each person.

How do I edit my time in biometric attendance?

If a user is punched in or out at a particular time, it is not possible to edit the time. But there is an option to put a manual entry if a user forgot to punch.

What is the most widely used biometric device today?

In the Middle East Regions, eSSL and ZKTeco are the most widely used.

What is the cost of fingerprint biometrics?

Very basic fingerprint biometric device cost starts from RO.45. But if you go for the mid-range device will cost somewhere around RO.80 to RO.95.

What is the best time and attendance software?

Smart Office Time and attendance software.