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Our CCTV Surveillance System protect your business with reliable 24 hour surveillance. Our CCTV solutions can be used for recording the activity occurring both inside and outside your premises, from overt or covert cameras and are linked to hi-tech digital recording equipment.

A security system that offers internationally accredited, technologically advanced Cameras, Digital Video Recorders and Monitors.

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CCTV Surveillance Camera system in Oman:

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Network IP Security Cameras
AHD Cameras
Digital Video Recorders(DVRs)
Network Video Recorders(NVRs)
CVI/TVI Cameras
Remote Live view for Mobile

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If you are considering a CCTV Surveillance system, we can send experienced engineers to your site to evaluate the best way to protect your property. Once we’ve seen what you need, we’ll give you our most competitive pricing as per ROP rules and regulations. Then, we’ll find a time that suits you to complete the job. We can also take care of your CCTV maintenance contracts.

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We offer CCTV Camera solution throughout Sultanate of Oman including Muscat, Sohar, Duqum, Salalah, etc.

Importance of CCTV cameras for your home & business

It is vital to have adequate security measures in place for your home and business. Surveillance systems now cover many shops, commercial spaces and public areas. These recordings can be used for surveillance and prevention of crime. The court can also use CCTV footages as evidence. Advanced technology has enabled sophisticated night vision cameras that can capture all movements outside your home at night. You can rest assured about your safety and that of your family members. The prices for CCTV systems have fallen dramatically due to an increase in commercial surveillance CCTV cameras.

There are many affordable CCTV cameras available for your home. Prices for CCTV cameras and installation fees depend on many factors such as image resolution, area monitored, data storage options, complexity of the network, and more. Many surveillance system vendors also offer CCTV installation services. Speed Computers offers the best CCTV camera installation services for those who have purchased CCTV cameras online. We offer affordable CCTV camera installation services so you can feel secure in your home and the safety of your family members. We explain why security camera systems are essential if you aren’t sure if they are worth the investment.

  1. It deters thieves and robbers

Surveillance cameras and warning boards, which indicate that the area is being monitored, can be a powerful deterrent for thieves and criminals. The footages can be used to track and identify individuals and their movements. If there is trained personnel to monitor the footages in commercial establishments, it can be used to identify suspicious activity and possible shoplifting by petty thefts and prevent them from actually happening.

  1. To keep evidence

The recordings of CCTV cameras can be used by police to investigate any thefts or crimes and provide evidence against the perpetrators in court. Modern monitoring systems can also record audio. These recordings can be used to collect evidence about entry and exit times of individuals or to replay events that actually occurred.

  1. Monitor suspicious activities

You can discreetly mount secret surveillance cameras to collect information on suspicious activity, such as employee thefts or mistrustful movements by criminals. Modern cameras can be hidden well enough that you can gather enough evidence to catch the suspects red-handed without alerting them.

  1. You should keep an eye on your activities

What time does your maid arrive at work? How does your nanny care for the baby? Do you think an employee might be faking work? Installing security cameras in strategic locations can help you keep an eye on these things and more.

  1. Keep adequate records

You can make use of both wired and wireless CCTV systems by continuously transmitting recorded footages to a central database. You can view recorded footages from a week ago or two weeks ago at your leisure and make informed decisions.

These advantages will ensure your safety and that of your loved ones as well as your valuables. But, criminals might also find a way around these systems by hiding their faces or blocking the view of cameras. We suggest that police use other cameras to pick up similar details, in order to crack the case. With these points in mind, we hope you can secure your home with CCTV cameras.

Which CCTV Surveillance Camera system in Oman is Right For You?

Closed-circuit camera or CCTV, also called digital video surveillance, is simply the usage of digital video cameras to send a signal to an area, usually on a fixed network of monitors, to view and monitor activity in that particular area. These days, with the advancement of computer technology, the surveillance systems have increased its efficiency and productivity. This system gives you the ability to watch over your house, business, and properties from almost anywhere. You can even use this system at work for enhancing productivity. However, the surveillance has been regarded as a controversial issue, mainly because of the invasion of privacy.

CCTV surveillance System

There are two kinds of surveillance systems: the wired and the wireless. The wireless surveillance is very effective when used at home because you do not need to install cameras at various places of your home. For business, they are required to have cameras installed at their specific premises. The advantage of the wireless surveillance systems is that there is no need for wires or cables leading to other locations. It can work over a longer distance without the interference from other electronic signals.

The major disadvantage of the wireless surveillance cameras is that they cannot transmit signals through walls and floors. The best option for a surveillance system is to use the analog CCTV security cameras. These are capable of transmitting signals and can be connected to the network. In addition, unlike the closed-circuit type, the signals from the analog cameras can cross over to other areas without any interference.

The advantages of the analog cameras include many. For one thing, they have the lower bandwidth of the wireless system. They also have high picture clarity and can transmit signals over long distances. Despite these advantages, the disadvantages of the analog CCTV security cameras are: they do not allow you to see all the angles of your premises and have a fixed imaging resolution. They can be more prone to technological failure and more expensive than their wireless counterparts.

Another option for a CCTV system is using CCTV cameras that can be remotely operated. This CCTV security cameras uses the IP network and can therefore be viewed anywhere in the world. You do not need to install the cameras at every point of entry. The main disadvantage of this kind of surveillance is that you need a high-speed internet connection and you may not be able to view the cameras from remote locations. Also, these cameras are sensitive to interference and the signal may be interrupted periodically.

The best option for a CCTV system is the digital CCTV security cameras. There are various benefits for using digital over analog CCTV security cameras. For instance, digital cctv security cameras can transmit signals rapidly, they can receive data at higher speeds and they are less affected by electromagnetic interference. The analog cameras tend to lose their image due to internal losses and transmission delays. Digital systems are also more resistant to hacking and jamming and have higher transfer rates.

CCTV surveillance systems can also be installed outside the premises of your building. This kind of surveillance can help monitor employees who are entering and exiting the building. It can also prevent vandalism and pilfering. It is possible to monitor real-time activities going on in and out of a business premise and prevent and report any suspicious activities. You can install CCTV security cameras, which can be accessed with an internet connection, PC or mobile phone.

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