Card Reader Controller Muscat

Card Reader eliminates the chance of a perpetrator stealing or finding a badge and thereby giving additional security.

The Standalone type Access Control system offers specific access information to smaller premises and organizations. Standalone means that it controls the system solely from the door-to-door hardware, ie. access control that is used in a single location and is not networked with similar locations. Standalone access control systems are the most basic forms of access control systems available. 

Standalone Access Control Systems are required in every organization for restricting the access of employees. Standalone Access Control system can be used to manage single door access. The organization with a lesser number of gates can use this. Standalone access systems generally are available at a very reasonable price. You can use this system where you want for a Professional Door Control Management. Unfortunately, the basic access control system cannot keep a track record of visitor access and entry -exits. It is a stand-alone system that must be operated at a per door basis. If you feel the security of your code may have been compromised in some way, then you have to change from standalone access control system to a pin based access control system or biometric access control system.

Creating a safe work environment for employees while protecting the company’s assets from loss are would always be the top priority for any business owner.

Example of Non-Biometric Access Control System that we installed

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We offer Non-Biometric Access Control System throughout Sultanate of Oman including Muscat, Sohar, Duqum, Salalah, etc.